Product Reviews and Testimonial Guidelines

Our vanity and pride tell us our products are unsurpassed in quality. We have, more than a few, customers that have taken the time to review our products, we are humbly grateful to them. You can read their testimonials on the testimonials and photo gallery page. You can read product reviews on each individual product's page.

These reviews may help you make informed buying decisions. You are welcome to rate, review and comment on products you have purchased.

You are welcome to share your fishing and hunting, stories, pictures and videos of you using our products. We encourage customers to share opinions, both favorable and unfavorable.

We do have guidelines for submitting reviews, photos and videos.

  1. You must actually purchase and use a product before you rate and review it.
  2. Stay focus on specific products.
  3. Do not directly criticize competitors and their products by name.
  4. All materials submitted to us become our property. We enjoy all associated rights.
  5. We reserve the right to delete and edit reviews that do not follow our guidelines.

Written reviews of 20 to 300 word, and videos under 10 minutes are best.  If you are rambling or long-winded, we will likely edit your post for space, time and clarity.  We're surprised anyone reads this far.  We welcome honest product reviews.  However, never let the truth interfere with good fishing and hunting stories.  We may not delete a review just because it is critical of us or our products. We believe, "knowledge is good".

We appreciate your time telling us about experiences with our products. We do not discourage (heck, often enjoy) the following, BUT your review will be edited or deleted if you use:

  • Obscene, pornographic, violent, confrontational, distasteful or spiteful remarks
  • Anything illegal
  • Off topic comments
  • Advertisements or promotion of other companies or products - get your own website
  • Content intended to harm someone, an organization or another company and it's products
  • Repeated reviews that make the same point - delete, delete, delete


The testimonials, comments and reviews on this website are from a variety of individuals, that may or may not, be known associates of Blindfish Limited Co, and do not guarantee or imply any of the same results.

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