Our Quality Guarantee

If there is an issue with any of our products we genuinely care to make things right.  We rigorously test products we offer. We will not offer for sale, any product we wouldn't use ourselves.  All products manufactured by us or for us, must meet our expectations.

Our quality control is high, but to err is human.  All handmade products will vary in appearance, weight and composition.  We are constantly working on improving our products.  A product may appears new or different from the last time you purchased it.  Our goal is to improve your experience with our products.

We have a level of expectations for people that purchase and use our products.  We still believe in common sense and expect you to use our products sensibly and wisely.  It is your responsibility to use, supervise the use, store and proper handle all product you purchase or receive from us.

We are not tree hugging, granola eating, long haired, sandal wearing, unwashed, urbanite, wing nuts (ok, maybe we've eaten granola and worn sandals... and wish we still had hair left). However, we have great respect for (and do not want to poison) our environment and the plants and animals we are about to eat.

Wherever possible, we make our products with natural, ethically harvested, sustainable raw materials without chemical preservatives. Many of our products are made using raw materials harvested and processed by us personally. It is difficult to control products from our suppliers, but we choose suppliers carefully.

Due to natural ingredients and lack of preservatives, all products expire 90 days from date of purchase, unless otherwise specified.

Warning of Allergies and allergic reactions

If you are allergic to our products or ingredients, discontinue use immediately! It is possible our products have been made on equipment that has been in contact with tree nuts or other allergens. If you are unsure of any of the ingredients or have questions about our products please contact us.

We and members of our families, have allergies. Some have strong reactions to certain environmental factors. We understand the need to avoid these factors. That is one reason we started this company.

Whenever possible, we will offer products in a different scent or scent free.

We may be able to custom blend our formulas with other ingredients, colors or scents for you. Please contact us for a quote.