• Fisherman's Cologne

Are you a cool cat looking for a kitty?

We have a soap for that!

Fisherman's Cologne:
In this world of virtual reality; you just spent a week on the couch playing some lame-ass video game. Now you're at the bar and want it to appear you spent a week at camp or days at sea and you've popped in for a beer on your way home.

Fisherman's Cologne, also known to college students as the Morning-after Cover Scent. No one will know you spent the weekend studying instead of out partying.

Wash away your regret and start smelling like a real and fun loving person!

Available in our very popular fragrance of Salmon.

Sorry, This soap is not available in unscented.

Coming soon: Cod liver, Anchovy and sardine!

Salmon soap, pink and smells like fish. It may be as close as you get to Fishyfingers if you don't put down that game controller and move out of your mother's house.

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Fisherman's Cologne

  • $10.95